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    Between scientific disclosure and visual effects, my job is to generate 3D image since I can remember... first as a "hobbie" and later as a professional.


    I really enjoy working in any kind of production that needs computer graphics solutions, from  artistical to educational.


    Corporate graphics, branding, motion graphics for well-known tv shows, and obviously science diclosing material for medical&scienctific environments... these are my main areas of work.


    Up from 15 years working with several media producers, agencies, laboratories, institutes for research and TV channels, endorse my professional trip in the visual arts.


    I've never stopped to learn and I try to transfer all my knowledge in the classroom and masterclasses when I'm teaching sporadically in some academies in Barcelona.

    ... to count on me.




    I'm a mercenary. As freelance I can work in my office but, as fiel operator... I can go where it's required, when it's required and with my own tools. I can develop a job from its idea to its final stage, as a generalist I can move arround all the project's areas.

    ...and I do my best.


    I'm also experienced in team working. I don't lose productivity under pressure and I'm falmiliarized with  "impossible deadlines".


    What I do...it feeds me. It allows me to live doing the things I love... but I know I'm honest... and I'm not going to be rich this way... so my fees, being budgeted or just prized, are FAIR and ADJUSTED.


    Furthermore, I'm allways willing to negotiate... if it's a reasonable negotiation.


    ...my tools

    Adobe - Creative Cloud ®

    The best idea from ADOBE; the creative cloud subscription allows me to work  ALWAYS with the very last versions of Photoshop, AfterEffects, Flash... this is something crucial to not lose  COMPETITIVITY.

    TVPDevelop - TVPaint ®

    Originally was born as a conventional animation tool .. but, now is one of the fundamentals to video editing and 2D animation. POWERFULL and RELIABLE.

    NewTek - Lightwave 3D ®

    The best tool for the 3D generalist.

    LightWave is focused to allow the job be done by a SINGLE OPERATOR, just where other softs need to engage a team. That allows me to get HARD DEADLINES.

    Pixologic - ZBrush ®

    Sculpture brought to the bits.

    The soft allows full liberty  modelling very  COMPLEX & HUGE geometries... that king of models virtually impossible to be generated in any other soft.

    Luxology - modo ®

    Developed by the same initial team that brougth LightWave to lifeToday is a great soft with very speciallized tools that allows to work in certain areas, at speed of thought. ... despite me !!

    pmG - messiahStudio ®

    This one is the tool  "in the shadow". The hidden tool that interacts with the animation in some point of its PIPELINE. The great unknown that allows to get vary complex animating tasks in the easy way.

    I can be linked with : DOYALIGHTWAVE s.l.u


    DoyaLightWave is just a private limited company; was the CG Study which made all the 3D for "REDES" ( spanish tv scientific disclosure show ).


    As a freelance, I was one of the three CG suppliers  de imagen 3D in  "Agencia Planetaria", the show producer, for more than six years.


    In the last season of REDES, before its shakeout, I made the 100% of the 3D content of the show. For three years, Doyalightwave s.l, with a team of three professionals, was the one and lonely CG/3D supplier and and redered arround 4 / 6 minutes of 3D content x week !!... That's HUGE !


    After the shakeout, the new producers ( smartPlanet ) decided to put 3D content no more in the show.

    I can be linked with : real&illusion ®


    real&illusion is the trademark name below I've promoted my job since 2007.


    In fact, it's not a society or corp., it has no legal nor fiscal weight. Once uppon a time,  I found that it was more effective to promote my self as a trademark, better than my own name as freelance.


    However, real&illusion has no human team nor corporation framework, it's "only" me, with my tools and personal resources.


    Several projects of the spanish tv history, were born from real&illusion, ( honestly, some of them worse than other .. however, I must say that the success or failure of an "entertainment show" or "late show" , is not probably due to its CG opening !! ).


    real&illusion is also the trademark which illustrated some of the very important  medical  and science investigations, on air thru several international media.

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    2D computer graphics

    3D generalist / CG Generalist
    vr/rt/game modelling

    motion graphics / flying logos

    visual FX

    phototweak & retouching

    video edition

    web developing

    streaming media

    consultancy in 3D techniques & web multimedia

    instruction in 3D techniques & web multimedia

    visual production 3D - 2D
    product presentation

    medical visualization

    2D/3D scientific illustration
    concept desing


    some customers
    ( prodution & disclosure )



    Antena 3TV

    Cuatro TV

    Tele 5

    TV3 Televisió de Catalunya

    Gestmusic Endemol





    Trinsic Medical Animation

    Fundació Clinic

    Institute for Biomedicine Research

    Thorax Europea

    IDIBAPS ( biomed Barcelona )


    consultancy & teaching


    CIFO La Violeta

    FX Animation Barcelona

    BAU Escola Sup. Disseny

    NewTek France ( CGIX )EdiTrain Barcelona


    Institut Arts Visuals BCN


    Seminars and speciallysed instruction for professionals and CG companies.


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